Pleasantly Explicit

This blog has been designed with an intricate, radial formula in mind. To optimize your viewing experience, it's recommended that you view this blog in full-screen. Viewing in full-screen accentuates the blog's continuity and heightens the blog's visualization as a whole, rather than focusing on individual posts. Let me be clear, there is nothing random about this blog. Each post is custom picked and positioned to fit the ultimate design of this ever-evolving piece of digital artwork. This blog is dedicated to beauty of all kinds, whether it be the human body, architecture, art, city scapes, or anything else that strikes me as beautiful. This blog does contain images that may include tasteful nudity. These images are NSFW and for this reason you must be 18+ to view my blog. Unless specifically stated, these images are not my own and have been reblogged for their aesthetic value. All rights belong to the original artist, photographer, etc. As for me, I'm 26. American. Blonde. Green Eyes. 5'11. 150. Former professional soccer player. Current freelance journalist, and diet and exercise advisor. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to leave me a message. I really hope you enjoy your viewing experience! tumblr hit counter
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